Blue Jays give Toronto fans something to talk about

We often hear about individuals or teams making a dramatic entrance to events, but the Blue Jays are putting a little spin on things.

Forget entrances, it's about the dramatic exit for Toronto's baseball team.

On Tuesday, Blue Jays' Justin Smoak carried the team to an extra-inning rally against the Texas Rangers. What looked like a dull game turned into "Smoak-in" finish for the Jays.

On Wednesday, fans could only hope that the Jays would find the "force within" and prevail against the Rangers two nights in a row.

The Jays had another slow start, falling behind 3-1. But Edwin Encarnacion's home run tied the game to set up Russell Martin's heroics.

He hit the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning, proving that the Blue Jays do exit in style. 

Which ultimately led to two walk-offs in a row:

Toronto fans flooded the internet with excitement:

And since Martin saved the night, his teammates returned the favour and saved him the hassle of having to shower.

Maybe pink will be the new blue and white?

It hadn't been too long since the Jays last had two in a row. 

Toronto fans could get used to this.

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