Olympic athletes resemble your favourite superheroes

Let's be honest — most of us have indulged in a comic book or caught a summer superhero blockbuster or binge watched Daredevil at some point or another.

These fictional characters draw us in to their worlds because they are, highly skilled, with superhuman powers, like strength, speed, and agility. Sounds kind of like our Canadian Olympians, no? 

On National Superhero Day, there's no hiding who you are. We've got the supernatural scoop on your Canadian Olympic athletes and what superhero they resemble most. 

1. Ryan Cochrane: AQUAMAN

Aquaman is known as the King of Atlantis and a key member of the Justice League. Living far below the surface, Aquaman's strength is amplified from the pressure of the water, and as a result he gains unmatched underwater speed. Who better describes this aquatic hero than Canadian Olympic silver and bronze medalist Ryan Cochrane. 

2. Liz Gleadle: WONDER WOMAN 

The warrior-princess Wonder Woman is renowned for her compassion and fighting prowess. Her Amazonian training helped her develop a wide range of skills and boasts an arsenal of mythical weapons. We're on to you and your magic javelin, Liz Gleadle!

3. Andre De Grasse: FLASH

Flash, a.k.a. "The Scarlet Speedster" and "The Streak" is embodied perfectly by the reigning Pan Am champion in the 100m and 200m. Run, Andre, run!

4. Shawn Barber: SUPERMAN

Word on the street is that the national record holder in pole vaulting Shawn Barber does a quick wardrobe change before competition. Plus, they've both been known to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

5. Mandy Bujold: ROGUE

Superheroine Rogue is most known for her super-strength in taking down enemies much larger than she, as part of the X-Men. If you've ever seen Mandy Bujold in the ring, you know the similarities between the two are uncanny. 

6. Tory Nyhaug: BATMAN

BMXer Tory Nyhaug can do things on his bicycle that only a "Caped Crusader" could.

Out of all our Canadian Olympic superheroes, who is most deserving of the title of Captain Canada?

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