Goslings new stars of the show on University of Waterloo goose cam

Move over mother goose, there are several new faces on the University of Waterloo goose cam.

Earlier this week, six goslings hatched from eggs laid by a mother goose that has been nesting on the roof of a building on campus.

Jack Truong, an IT specialist in the engineering computer faculty, set up a livestream so people could check out the goose and its goslings.

He said the livestream has been viewed more than 9,000 times and number of minutes watched was just under 80,000, as of Tuesday afternoon.

Some of those watching are a local kindergarten class.

"They're learning about what hatches from eggs and how long they take to hatch. They were watching the stream just to see an actual hatching," he said.

"I did not think it could be used as a teaching tool, but apparently it was."

Geese may soon be gone

Truong said he's not sure how much longer the goose and goslings will be on the roof – last year they only stayed there for two or three days after the goslings hatched.

Truong said they have not given the goose a nickname.

"It's just 'The Goose' in our office. I think that name kind of stuck," he said. "I don't think we want to get too attached." 

Geese are a common sight on campus and have been known to be aggressive. But Truong said people still seem interested with the mother goose starting a nest near their window. The camera was set up because people in the office regularly came to the window to look at the goose and see its progress.

Goose cam University of Waterloo goslings

The goslings have hatched on the University of Waterloo's goose cam. (Jack Truong)

He initially had a web chat along with the livestream, but he took it down after some people started making inappropriate comments.

He said some people also questioned the purpose of the camera, too.

"A few of them are wondering why is this even on the internet? But there are many other things on the internet that you can find that is more questionable than a goose cam," he said.

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