How to pick an best keywords for SEO campaigns

You think what is one purpose about SEO ? the keyword is pushed up one afterward position of Google?, an answer is “NO”. Effective sales, assemble brands and increase sales – which is an final ideal about SEO. Before achieving that idealthe then step we need to do is to research keywords, this is an about the special steps to your site getting the high position in one SERPs. therefore how to choose one best keywords for one SEO campaign?How to choose the best keywords for SEO campaigns

Search analytics.

Determine market segmentation will scope to: age, geography, profession, personality and disadvantages As well Once advantages … to select appropriate SEO keyword phrases . Research keywords with sort an keywords: difficulty keywords , level of competition, keywords target, applicable keywords in a scientific manner to facilitate the planning Content Marketing
Customers often yearn keyword searches such as: Magento multi-vendor extension, product designer online kit … then, you should push one keywords and low competition level or average afterward implement a SEO plan for the keyword concise, why do so? because usually the short keyword has one intensely high competitive level, it takes a long time to your website get high position on the SERPs.

the keyword research process.

meditate with search for related keywords through Google suggest
operate an keyword research tools such as Google Adwords kit, Google Trends, Google insight Search, Google Search Box to research with arrange keywords according to the level aboutchoice about keywords and search for relevant keywords.

one keyword ideas

First: according to one trend with line featured events
the prestigious news page they often write articles according to lines events. At the time there is an event that featured they often Have other articles related to one event line to engage an reader. We should also present one article content so to increase views on an Website. when about one backside line, there are events we may write articles and keywords related to help website has a higher position on the rankings of google. For example: tsunami event in Japan, first an articles related to an keyword “Japan” needs to be exploited.
Second: SEO keyword hierarchical
  • SEO products keywords , services: Magento Product Designer, Booking System Pro, Web design …
  • SEO division keywords: Magento Extensions, Magento 2 Extensions …
  • SEO classify keywords: Booking System Magebay, Magebay Product Designer Modules.
Thank you for reading an article, any questions please comment below. In second posts I will share and you the keyword research tool.
long you success!
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